Case No. CV-22-968540 in the Court of Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

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If your vehicle was Repossessed and Sold by Mazda Financial Services in the State of Ohio, You Could Get Benefits from a Class Action Settlement.

The Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas authorized this class action notice.
This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

  • The Settlement resolves a class action lawsuit against Mazda Financial Services (“MFS”).
  • The lawsuit alleges that MFS’s notices regarding the repossession and sale of vehicles were deficient under applicable law. MFS denies that the notices were deficient.
  • The Settlement avoids costs and risks to the parties from continuing the lawsuit, and relieves class members of the obligation to pay the balance remaining on their accounts.
Your Legal Rights and Options in This Settlement

Accept the
Settlement Benefits

You will receive the benefits under the Settlement automatically if the Court approves the Settlement. You don’t have to do anything. The attachment to this notice will inform you if you are a member of the Settlement Class. If you are a member of the Settlement Class, in accepting the benefits of the Settlement, you give up any rights to sue MFS or anyone else about your contract and the legal claims that were made or could have been made in this lawsuit.

Object to the Settlement

Write to the Court about why you don’t like the Settlement.
Opt Out of the Class  Get no Settlement benefits. This option allows you to bring your own lawsuit, at your own expense, for the same legal claims in this lawsuit.


  •  The two sides disagree on how much money could have been won if the Class won at trial or if the Class would have won at all.
  •  In addition to providing you with benefits, this Settlement affects your legal rights, as described below. Read this notice carefully.
  • Your rights and options are explained in this notice (the “Notice”). To opt out or object, you must act before December 05, 2023.
  • The Court still has to decide whether to approve the Settlement. Payments and account balance waivers as described in this Notice will be made if the Court approves the Settlement and after any appeals are resolved. Please be patient.
  • Any questions? Read on.